From our early childhood years, we are convinced that love is for beautiful people. Just remember all that beautiful fairy tales your grandmother have read before you fall asleep. They are full with incredibly beautiful princes and princesses. Although the real royalties are not always as good looking as movie stars, in our notion of a fairy-tale character there’s no place for ugly noblemen. If there is an ugly but good-hearted man at the end of the story he or she will magically become the most beautiful creature in the world as if the beauty is the only well deserved award for the good deeds. And when he/she is beautiful enough could finally merry his/her beloved.

This deception could end when we grow up if there weren’t such things like Hollywood, fashion industry, magazines and so on. But they exist and we are still filled with prejudices that beautiful people deserve more love than not so beautiful people. This concept maintains almost the entire world economy. If you look better you will be successful, rich and truly loved. And they will never show you pictures of unhappy good looking man or woman.

But what happens when the ugly people dare to be loved and say that they don’t care about the beauty norms that the society enforces. There are two options. These people are mocked to be unsightly and haters could not hide their spite when they see happy, in love people. Or people accept their love and right to be as happy as the pretty-faced persons.

Don’t forget that love and happiness are in the small details and have nothing in common with the appearance.

There are some bold couples out there, that never accept the stereotypes and they find love and happiness despite the hate they get from some lonely, sad, spiteful people. Even if they are not as pretty as actors and models, they are still the most beautiful individuals in the eyes of their partner.

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